Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gallery

" Paul was extremely patient, professional and thorough. He anticipated all our needs and put a very nice package together at a very fair price. Our budget was pretty tight so we only had him on site for a half day but he seemed to get a full day's worth of results in that time. Highly recommended! " - Hren

Your son or daughter´s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is another one of those special occasions in life that needs special photography services. Paul Fleming and his associates have covered these events in Montgomery County for over 20 years. They treat these very important days in the life of your child with the care and respect it deserves; after all, it is a right of passage for a young man or woman entering into adulthood. This is a once-in-a lifetime event for your child. Having a professional photographer means you can be assured that they will take special care to capture and record this very special day which combines religion, history, and family for your child´s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Paul and his staff place a lot of emphasis on getting to know their clients. They believe that it is very important to know the special members of the family before the event, so that we can create lovingly posed portraits at the synagogue, and capture high energy candids at the reception. They are very familiar with Jewish traditions and rituals, making sure all significant moments are captured for you, from the Motzi to the candle lighting ceremony, to the exciting Hora dance!